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About us

Pactorn Clothing is an Indian Clothing company known worldwide for its brand PACTORN for Track Pants,T-Shirts & Jackets. It was founded by Ankur Rastogi better Known as Ankur Sunaar.

Pactorn Clothing gives you the premium quality clothes With lab Tested Certificate. What makes Pactorn Clothing unique from others ? We have our own manufacturing , we never compromise with the quality of our product and provides you the best quality product in cheap price.

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Clothing to fit your lifestyle.

We keep our eyes on the latest fashion and trends

PACTORN Clothing's apparel range is centred on a Fashion-forward approach. Its experienced design teams ensure that global design trends are met and international quality standards are assured. The result is a fashionable, trendsetting line of clothing and accessories for men and women, the ultimate goal of which is to cater to a good cause. PACTORN is also predominantly recognized for its strong line of athleisure apparel in easy-to-wear fabrics and styles.

The Iteration

Ankur's Passion Project

Actor Ankur Sunaar Launched His Brand PACTORN . Ankur Sunaar turned to be entrepreneur as the young actor launched his own Clothing brand "Pactorn Clothing". Talking more about the brand Ankur says, “PACTORN has been my passion project for as long as I remember. Pactorn is a dream come true for me which is why the clothes under my brand feels you the premium quality and comfort.

Ankur Sunaar


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